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Fiber Optic Video Transmission Daisy-Chain Solution

Fiber Optic Video Transmission Daisy-Chain Solution:

Fiber Optic Daisy Chain Transmission solution (Cascade or Node transmission) connects all needed transmitted points by one optical cable, through CWDM technology to set up each point into a band for transmission, this approach is ideal for highway, railway, subway, the coastline, etc. monitoring project, you can save a great amount of optical cable. (only one optical cable is enough, please check the diagram below).

In the above case, composed of 8PCS 1-16 channel video + one return data transmitters, and one rack-mount receiver.
In this system, 8x16 PTZ Cameras, and each point with one transmitter through one optical cable, each PTZ camera video transmitted to the receiver and the return data transmitted to each node.
Camera's video images finally transmitted to indicator, meanwhile, users could control PTZ cameras by keyboard. The whole transmission process fully use digital transmission, image lossless, uncompressed, No EMI or RFI, images collected by cameras could clearly transmit to indicator.


Typical Applications:

• ITS: Railway / Subway / Highways / Ship / Airport / Street / Bridge / Tunnel / Surveillance / Communication

• Government / Military Base / Security / Surveillance

• Hospital / Hotel / Casino / Bank / Campus / Apartment / Warehouse / Factory / Security / Surveillance
• Broadcasting Station / General Broadcast / Post Production / Multi-Channel Distribution
• Unmanned System / Monitoring / Control
• Remote Education / Conference / Consultation