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Mixed Fixed Camera with PTZ camera over Fiber Optic

Mixed Fixed Camera with PTZ camera to Video Monitor over Fiber Optics


Halley Fiber Optic Video & Data Transmitter and Receiver flow path:
Mixed Fixed Camera with PTZ camera to Video Monitor 

Remote two fixed cameras and two PTZ cameras connected by fiber optical via transmission system to be viewed on a video monitor.
EXAMPLE: Owner of building needs to view and control PTZ Dome Cameras fromMonitorCenter.

Standard CCTV fixed cameras and PTZ cameras are connected to Halley Fiber Optical Video Transmitter by standard coax cable. The transmitter digitally transmits the signal via optical transmission by the fiber optical cable.
At theMonitorCenter, the receiver receives the signal and the user can view the video image and control the camera movement using a standard Keyboard.


Typical Applications:

• ITS: Railway / Subway / Highways / Ship / Airport / Street / Bridge / Tunnel / Surveillance / Communication

• Government / Military Base / Security / Surveillance

• Hospital / Hotel / Casino / Bank / Campus / Apartment / Warehouse / Factory / Security / Surveillance
• Broadcasting Station / General Broadcast / Post Production / Multi-Channel Distribution
• Unmanned System / Monitoring / Control
• Remote Education / Conference / Consultation