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Fiber Optic Transmission Optical Convergence Solution

Fiber Optical Convergence Transmission Solution:

Fiber Optical Converge Transmission Solution can centralize and converge the scattered monitoring cameras locally, then transmit the signals to the monitor center by means of single-core optical cable. It facilitates the free distribution of the cameras therefore. This approach is widely used in a lot of field asSafeCities, Expressway, Electronic Police, Intelligent Residential District, Electricity, Water Conservancy Project, Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Customs, Automatic Production etc. Please check the flow diagram below:

In this case, it can converge 1-160 monitoring videos and PTZ or alarm data and take good use of the optical cable, saving device investment cost. The whole transmission process fully use digital transmission, real time, uncompressed, image lossless, No EMI or RFI, moving or still images of high definition collected by cameras could transmit exactly to indicator.


Typical Applications:

• ITS: Railway / Subway / Highways / Ship / Airport / Street / Bridge / Tunnel / Surveillance / Communication

• Government / Military Base / Security / Surveillance

• Hospital / Hotel / Casino / Bank / Campus / Apartment / Warehouse / Factory / Security / Surveillance
• Broadcasting Station / General Broadcast / Post Production / Multi-Channel Distribution
• Unmanned System / Monitoring / Control
• Remote Education / Conference / Consultation