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Prominent Projects

Highway / Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Chengmian Highway (Chengdu to Mianyang) —Sichuan, China.
Chengyu Highway (Chengdu to Chongqing) —Sichuan, China.
Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Highway—Chengdu, China.
ITS in Chengzhou City—Hunan, China.
ITS in Guangzhou Foshan District—Guangdong, China.
ITS in Shanghai Puxing Road—Shanghai, China.
ITS in Leshan City—Sichuan, China.
ITS in Beijing Haidian District—Beijing, China.
ITS in Shi Hezi City—Xinjiang, China.
ITS in Xi’an Yanta District—Shanxi, China.
ITS in Guangzhou 2th Road—Guangdong, China.

Industrial / Commercial

Chengdu Yarn Produce Factory Security System—Shanxi, China.
Lhasa the Potala Palace Security System—Xinjiang, China.
Southwest Jiaotong University Security System—Sichuan, China.
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Security System—Sichuan, China.
Sichuan CCB Security System—Sichuan, China.
Qinghai Golmud Broadcasting Station Security System—Sichuan, China.
Panzhihua Ertan Hydropower Station—Sichuan, China.

Government / Education

Sichuan Xuanhan People's Armed Forces Department Security System—Sichuan, China.
Yibing PAP Division Weapons Depot Security System—Sichuan, China.
Guiyang City Government Security System—Guizhou, China.
Xinjiang Government Security System—Xinjiang, China.
Qingdao Civil Aviation Airport—Qingdao, China.
Shenzhen Huanggan Sea Port—Shenzhen, China.
Chengdu Shuangliu Airport—Chengdu, China.
Chengdu Railway Station—Chengdu, China.

City Public Security Surveillance

Qinghai “Safe City Project” Security System—Qinghai, China.
Chongqing “Safe City Project” Security System—Chongqing, China.